Every person needs warmth and heating at home to make it comfortable to be indoors and safe for their own health. But it happens that cold weather sets in before the local heating is turned on. Therefore, we recommend buying a Zenet heater.

Convectors Zenet:

▶ Heats up quickly.

▶ The convector has a built-in thermostat. It reaches the desired temperature and turns itself off. When the temperature drops, it starts working again.

▶ Quiet operation.

▶ Thanks to its shape, it is convenient to place it anywhere or hang it on the wall.

Zenet infrared heaters:

● Ideal for cold places: garages, verandas, gazebos.

● Suitable for houses with high ceilings.

● Fast heating due to infrared radiation.

● Compact.

● They consume little electricity.

●Easy to move around the house.

● Quiet operation.

What is the best and most economical heater for apartments and houses? The answer is obvious - this is a convector or infrared carbon heater Zenet!

Buy a heater with free shipping, a 2-year warranty and returns.