Zenet Zet-530 Convection Heater - Glass Convection Electric Heater 2000W

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Energy-saving electric convector Zenet Zet-530

Saves electricity consumption by more than 30%! Full automation of the heating process - with thermostat, remote control!

A modern way to maintain a comfortable temperature and coziness on cold winter days.

On what principle do convector stoves work?

Energy-saving convectors work on the principle of natural convection: the air from the room enters the convection chamber, where it is heated by a heating element and, rising up, returns to the room through the grid provided by the design of the device.

All Zenet convectors can be mounted on a wall or on the floor with comfortable feet. The convectors are reliable and safe, they have no sharp corners, the heating of the front panel is not higher than 50 ° C. The front panel is made of heat-resistant and impact-resistant glass with a shiny glass surface. It has strong resistance to electric shocks!

The advantages of the panel convector:

• Zenet premium level convection heater

• Built-in thermostat - maintains the required temperature and saves electricity.

• The touch LED control panel is integrated into the front panel. You can always accurately determine the ambient temperature, quickly and easily set the desired target value and even set a timer.

• Equipped with a remote control, on which you can set the same values as on the convector itself.

• Frost protection mode.

• Elegant design. High class modern style and classic sophistication. Such a convector is not only useful, but also decorates your home.

• Glossy tempered glass panel that is less prone to scratches and more resistant to damage.

• Various mounting options: sturdy plastic feet or wall mounting.

• High efficiency and heating power due to the use of an aluminum X-shaped heating element.


✔ Consumed power - 2000W

✔ Recommended area - 40m²

✔ Installation type - floor/wall

✔ Thermostat

✔ Heating up to 50°C

✔ Timer - yes

✔ Remote control - yes

✔ Dimensions 80*50*8cm (83x55x13cm)

✔ Weight 8.3 kg

✔ Warranty period 24 months.

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Cătană Viorel
Cătană Viorel
Bună, vrea să vă întreb dacă se poate monta pe un perete din lemn la cabană
Admin response
Se poate.
Nincs magyar használati utasitás benne és sehol nem találok olyat ahol segitene be állitani.Kérem segitsenek betudjam üzemelni készüléket!
Поръчах зет 531 а дойде 530, но разлика няма като характеристика, обаче гледам на снимката на дистанционното тук има 6 бутона а при мен са 5 и също така нагревателя не е Х образен а нормален