Air cooler

How to create a comfortable microclimate at home or at work? This question is asked by everyone who cares about health and well-being. To achieve optimal conditions, you need to control temperature, humidity and air purity. All this will be undertaken by the climatic complex. An innovative solution to a whole range of problems.

Why is it worth buying a Air cooler?

Consider the strengths of this technique. You should think about buying a climate complex if you prefer universal solutions.

Multifunctional equipment replaces four devices at once.

  1. Air conditioning. Climatic complexes cool the room without freon using water and ice.

  2. Humidifier. The air passes through the sink and returns to the room softer and more pleasant to inhale. The humidity in the apartment is under control. Your plants and furniture will thank you too. And how the skin will thank you - you'll see.

  3. Air purifier. Built-in filters capture the smallest particles of dust, pet hair, pollen and other allergens. The device also removes unpleasant odors, exhaust gases, vapors of cleaning agents, tobacco smoke. At the same time, the filters do not need to be changed every time - you just need to rinse them. Every city dweller should buy a climate complex in Ukraine. So you will not only create a good microclimate at home, but also save your lungs from exhaust emissions.

  4. Heater. Not all models are equipped with this function. If necessary, you can supplement the functionality of the lightweight device with infrared heaters.

Why is Zenet Air cooler good?

German devices have a number of important advantages that make their use pleasant and efficient. Each Zenet climate complex:

  • extremely easy to operate: does not require professional installation and heat removal from the room;

  • absolutely safe for humans: can be installed even in a nursery;

  • easy to operate, while having many useful functions;

  • economical: consumes no more than 65 watts.

  • like carbon heaters, quality climate systems allow you to maximize your benefits at the lowest cost.