Portable Air Conditioner Zenet ZET-480 with Heating, Humidification, and Air Purification Functions

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The portable air conditioner Zenet ZET-480

Zenet ZET-480 is a universal solution for creating an ideal microclimate in rooms up to 30 square meters. This compact yet powerful standing air conditioner for your home combines cooling, heating, air purification, humidification, and ionization functions, ensuring not only a comfortable temperature but also clean air.

Main functions and benefits:

    • Cooling: reduces the temperature by 6-7 degrees compared to the original cooling, using the included refrigerant (6-liter water tank).
    • Heating: the heating element has a power of 2000 W, providing warmth during the cold season.
    • Air purification: effectively removes dust, unpleasant odors, allergens, and microorganisms.
    • Ionization: enriches the air with negatively charged ions, improving its quality.
    • Humidification: ensures optimal air humidity, positively affecting breathing.

Additional features:

    • Remote control: the remote control allows you to conveniently control all functions of the air conditioner.
    • Mobility: the device is equipped with 4 wheels and a practical handle for easy movement.
    • Energy efficiency: the device consumes only 80 W in cooling mode, making it one of the most economical on the market.
    • Simple installation and maintenance: does not require complex installation and needs minimal maintenance.
    • Digital thermometer: allows precise control of the room temperature, keeping it at an optimal level.

Technical specifications:

    • power 68W
    • water tank 7 l
    • 2 heating modes 1000w/2000w
    • 3 fan speeds
    • timer up to 8 hours
    • dimensions 34x37x79 cm
    • weight 7 kg

Package contents:

    • Air conditioner unit
    • Remote control
    • User manual
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Madarász László
Madarász László
A megrendeléstöl számitva mikor lessz a kiszállítás.
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Körülbelül 3 nap.
Niculae R
Niculae R
Cum se face evacuarea aerului cald și a condensului ?
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Nu iese afară - trece printr-un filtru și se răcește cu apă.