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Zenet ZET-756 neck and shoulder massager is a versatile massager designed to massage the neck, shoulder girdle, thoracic and lumbar back and even legs. The massager allows you to take a massage session without looking up from work or household chores..
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    Are you suffering from neck pain? After a hard day at the computer desk in the office, do you want someone to stretch your stiff shoulders and neck? Roller neck and shoulder massager ZENET ZET-759 will help you quickly feel rested. The device is equi..
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    Massage neck pillow with USB charging ZENET ZET-742Instant relaxation!A massaging collar that will give you relief:while working at a desk;while traveling;while driving;while relaxing on the couch;while going about your daily chores;How will he do it..
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    Who doesn't dream about a relaxing massage after an exhausting day at the office or driving? And after a workout, stretching your muscles is a must. But not everyone can afford to visit a massagist every day. There is another solution ..
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    Massage pillow Zenet Zet-726is practical and lightweight, can be used at home or in the car. It is ideal not only for drivers, but also for people who spend a lot of time in a sitting or standing position: office workers, teachers, doctors, salespeop..
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    Roller massage pillow Zenet Zet-727 quickly and effectively relaxes muscles, relieves spasms in the neck, shoulders and back.4 massage rollers work in two directions, precisely kneading the muscles and bringing relaxation in a matter of seconds. The ..
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    Roller neck massager ZENET ZET-757 with heating is a massage collar massager from Zenet. It is used for roller massage of the neck, shoulders, back, lower back, buttocks, thighs. It can work both at home, in the office from the network, and in the ca..
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