Massage travel pillow ZET -742

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Massage neck pillow with USB charging ZENET ZET-742

Instant relaxation!

A massaging collar that will give you relief:

  • while working at a desk;
  • while traveling;
  • while driving;
  • while relaxing on the couch;
  • while going about your daily chores;

How will he do it?

Charge the battery of the massage collar and put it around your neck. The pleasant velvety material gives a wonderful, soft feeling from the very first touch. Memory foam beckons you to literally snuggle into it. Turn on the massager and select the mode and intensity. Enjoy! We guarantee you won't want to part with it!

How does it feel? - Like two hands massaging your neck.

When will you feel relief? - Immediately! We have no doubt!

When to use the massaging collar?

While we work in the office!

The strain of staring at the monitor puts strain on the neck and lower back. This leads to pain throughout the body, incl. headache.

Periodic neck massage during work will help us "survive" until the end of the working day without feeling stiff and literally stiff. Spikes in the neck compress arteries and oxygen does not reach where it should. The neck massage collar works wonders for exactly this type of complaint.

While we travel!

Bus, plane, carpool - it doesn't matter. The long journey is tiring and stressful. So just put the collar in your hand luggage or around your neck and when you feel tension - turn it on and relax. Before that, don't forget to load it!

While we drive!

It's not easy to be on the road forever - professional drivers know what we're talking about.

If you have such a friend - give him this massage collar! Will appreciate it properly!

At home!

Women don't have working hours - yes, in most cases, that's right. They come home from work and continue at home - laundry, cleaning, cooking, children... and there is no time left for relaxation. Our advice: take a break! 10 minutes on the sofa with the massage collar will give you an amazing feeling! Enjoy it! If the man next to you doesn't know what to surprise you with - here it is - the collar is a desirable, necessary and very sweet gift!

Features of the neck massager

  • adaptive design - hugs the neck and fits perfectly with its anatomical shape;
  • soft, velvety material that caresses the skin and does not burn;
  • memory foam for softness and lightness;
  • buttons for changing mode and intensity;
  • USB charging cable /without adapter/;
  • charging time - 2 hours /lasts 1.5 - 2 hours on a single charge/;
  • string/belt to tighten the collar so that it sits comfortably on the neck without having to hold it;
  • 2 year product warranty
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