Air cooler Zenet Zet-483 cooling and air purification

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The Air cooler ZENET ZET-483 is a complex installation with the humidification function, cooling, ventilation, ionization and air purification.

The climatic complex actively cleans the room from dust and pollution, eliminates allergens, gases, microorganisms, bacteria, allergenic animal hair, creates a comfortable air temperature in any room up to 60 sq. M. We recommend buying a Zenet ZET-483 climatic complex with a touch screen for complete comfort in the house.

The advantages of the device:

  • Does not require heat dissipation outside the room

  • Effectively removes unpleasant odors, tobacco smoke, stale musty air.

  • For cooling, ordinary water and ice are used.

  • Three intensity levels in cooling mode

  • Timer

  • The ability to easily move from room to room, casters and a comfortable handle are provided.

  • Remote control

  • It consumes only 65W (like an ordinary incandescent light bulb), which is 20 times less than an air conditioner!

  • Does not require professional installation and maintenance.

  • Does not require additional replaceable filters.

The device does not create sudden changes in temperature and does not contribute to colds, which are so dangerous for children and the elderly.

Work principles:

  • The climatic complex cools the room by 6-7 degrees from the outside temperature

  • Swing mode provides a constant change in the direction of the air in the horizontal direction

  • Ice accumulators included

How does the climatic complex work?

Cooling - occurs due to the circulation of cold water in the system. For better cooling, a container with refrigerant is used, which is placed in a tank with cold water (4 containers are included with the climatic complex). A built-in fan blows cold air outside and creates “natural” cooling. And also the air flow mode is regulated.

Purification - high degree of purification due to a combination of filters. High efficiency of removal of fine dust, pollen, tobacco smoke.

Removal of the smallest particles larger than 20 nm (0.00002 mm).

Humidification - 95% less risk of bacteria spreading. High level of humidification - air washing.

The humidifier isn't have dust around itself.

DEVICE CHARACTERISTICS: Power: 65W, Water tank capacity: 3L, Recommended area: 20-40 sq.m., Size: 25*28*60cm, Control type: touch, remote control. Warranty: 2 years

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Reviews (4)
Ich habe mir einen Zenet-Klimakomplex gekauft. Ich kann nicht genug davon bekommen. Der Grund für den Kauf war, dass die Luft in der Wohnung trocken wurde und der immer fliegende Pollen von den Bäumen. Außerdem ist es in der Herbst-Winter-Zeit genauso !!! Und im Sommer und abkühlen.
Der erste Eindruck davon ist nur positiv: kompaktes, modernes Design, mobil, funktional, einfach zu bedienen usw.
Admin response
Vielen Dank für Ihr Feedback, Hans! Angenehm. Nutzen Sie es für Ihre Gesundheit!
Eine gute und nützliche Sache!
Wir waren angenehm überrascht von der Funktionalität und Qualität des Geräts. Da wir Enkelkinder haben und eine Katze und eine Katze in unserer Wohnung sind, stellte sich die Frage nach der Luftreinigung! Blumen und feuchte Lappen sind gut, aber sie können nicht mit professioneller Reinigung verglichen werden.
Befeuchtet auch gut! Die Luftkühlung wird etwas später überprüft - im Sommer!
Admin response
Vielen Dank für Ihr Feedback, Elena! Wir freuen uns. Nutzen Sie es für Ihre Gesundheit!
A good and useful thing!
We were pleasantly surprised by the functionality and quality of the device. Since we have grandchildren and there is a cat and a cat in our apartment, the question arose about purifying the air! Flowers and wet rags are good, but they cannot be compared to professional cleaning.
Also moisturizes well! Air cooling will be checked a little later - in the summer!
Admin response
Thank you for your feedback, Katerina! Pleasantly. Use it to your health!
Полезный и многофункциональный очиститель!
Хорошо увлажняет! Также идет очистка воздуха и есть охлаждение.
Admin response
Благодарим за отзыв, София! Нам приятно. Пользуйтесь на здоровье!