Zenet Zet-523 Convection Heater - Glass Convection Electric Heater 1000W

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Zenet Zet-523 Convection Heater

Bring warmth to your home: our electric heater creates a warm atmosphere in your home. This 1000W low energy convector ensures an even distribution of heated air without CO2 emissions or excessive noise.

Safe and economical: we have developed an efficient electric heater that is energy saving, unlike a gas heater. The overheating protection ensures that you can leave the room safely when the heater is switched on.

Portable and practical heating: with the included tools set, the electric heater can be attached to the wall or used on the floor. Thanks to the aluminium feet and the 1.5 m long cable, you can place the radiator anywhere.

Easy control: operate our heaters conveniently from the sofa via the remote control. With the integrated adjustable thermostat and with the automatic shut-off function, you can set your desired temperature.

Excellent innovative design: this convection heater has an X-shaped heating element that ensures that your room heats up as quickly as possible, so you don't have to freeze.


✔ Power consumption - 1000W

✔ Recommended area - 20m²

✔ Type of installation - floor / wall

✔ Thermostat - yes

✔ Heating up to 50°С

✔ Timer - yes

✔ Remote control - yes

✔ Dimensions 58*54*13 cm 

✔ Weight 6.5 kg

✔ Warranty period 24 months.

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Ipacs László, Seregélyes
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