Percussion body massager with 12 attachments ZENET ZET-705

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Vibrating impact massager with 12 massage heads

A wonderful device for self-massage and acupuncture treatment - the best means of recovery and pain relief.

12 tips for 12 types of massage and all this in just ONE device!

The handheld body massager gives extremely fast muscle relief and not only that:

  • "melts" pain in case of trauma, after more active training;
  • relieves tension, stiffness and eliminates the possibility of muscle fever the next day;
  • increases the range of motion when gripped or immobilized;
  • recovers after exercise - relaxes muscle tissue quickly and painlessly;
  • reduces cellulite accumulations;
  • relaxes the whole body by doing a gentle acupuncture massage;

For whom is the impact massager or the so-called massage gun?

If you are a professional athlete, you certainly do regular rehabilitation. With this device, you can alternate massage procedures by a professional with relaxing at home. Yes, one cannot replace the other, but it is a great alternative at a very affordable price.

But even if you are not an active sports person - this device is a great gift for the whole family! There are 12 attachments that may serve many more than 12 ailments.

Massage guns and all massagers of this "impact" type are compact and very convenient for self-massage, because:

  • they have an ergonomic design - easy grip, they are not heavy and allow you to massage where you want;
  • you choose the intensity of the massage - lighter or stronger, according to the needs at the moment;
  • they are small in size and you can put them in your luggage when traveling;
  • their vibrational power allows the massage to penetrate a little deeper into the muscle tissue, which is not always the case with manual massage;
  • the many massage heads also provide many options for treating different types of trauma and discomfort;

Percussion massager with 12 attachments ZENET ZET-705

Great home muscle massager! How does it work? It's very simple: after training or when you feel pain, stiffness, tension, do the following steps:

1. Plug the massager into the mains / there is an adapter/. Let it charge to full power. Then charge it after each massage so it's ready when needed.

2. Massage the problem areas with light movements, while not overdoing it - the maximum is 20 minutes. If you are using such a device for the first time, start with shorter massages. Give the body time to adjust to the massage and vibrations - slow integration is the best treatment. Gradually increase the time. If you feel severe pain, stop.

3. After the massage, put healing lotion on the place /if it is a question of pain and discomfort/, drink a glass of water and rest.

Main characteristics of the triangular vibration massager ZENET ZET-705:

  • main body in an angular shape with a comfortable handle and grip;
  • does not weigh - easy to hold with one hand;
  • 12 tips for different types of massage / you will see their functions below in the description/;
  • adapter
  • power - 30W
  • charging - 5V
  • degrees for different massage intensity: stronger or weaker pulsation;
  • different modes of self-massage - you can choose the one you like the most;

12 tips for 12 types of massage

✔ Large needle tip - gives a very strong energetic, acupuncture treatment as it touches the tissues with point therapy. It is used for thighs, palms, feet.

✔ An oblong massage stick and a sharp cone - both nozzles are used for a deeper massage - when you want to literally "reach" into the muscle and release it in case of tightness or tension.

✔ Four fingers - resembles a human massage and is great for relaxing, relaxing and for areas around the joints;

✔ Blunt cone - acupuncture attachment for light circular massages;

✔ Spherical tip /ball/ - most universal for massaging the back, shoulders, arms, thighs, buttocks, quadriceps, hamstrings or calves.

✔ Soft massage head - for relaxing massage and relaxation;

✔ Three-point head - makes a multi-point massage of the whole body;

✔ Flat disc - suitable for a larger muscle area;

✔ Small, flat, rubber attachment - used with lotion or gel to rub in pain;

✔ Rubber brush - for scalp massage: moves blood flow and helps with hair loss;

✔ Small disc/stick - for massaging delicate areas such as the face. Use for deep rubbing of cream, serum, lotion.



German quality with a 2-year warranty from ZENET

When you buy a massager from ZENET, you get several BONUSES:

  • you shop directly from the manufacturer - we do not burden the products with excessive fees and a high margin;
  • we guarantee high German quality and technology imposed on the European market for nearly 12 years;
  • we give a 24-month warranty - if the device is damaged within this period, we provide repair or replacement with a new product;

Cases in which you should not use the impact massager ZENET ZET 705:

  • in edema and inflammation
  • skin rashes
  • varicose veins
  • during pregnancy
  • do not massage the lower abdomen, genitals
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