Percussion body massager 4in1 ZENET ZET 704

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Vibrating impact massager with USB charging and two massage heads

What it does:

  • relieves muscle pain;
  • releases tension;
  • increases range of motion;
  • restores after loading;
  • prevents muscle fever after training;
  • reduces cellulite accumulations;

For whom is the impact massager or the so-called massage gun?

If you are a professional athlete, you certainly do regular rehabilitation. With this device, you can alternate massage procedures by a professional with relaxing at home. Yes, one cannot replace the other, but it is a great alternative at a very affordable price.

Massage guns are compact and very convenient for self-massage because:

  • they have an ergonomic design - easy grip, they are not heavy and allow you to massage where you want;
  • you choose the intensity of the massage - lighter or stronger, according to the needs at the moment;
  • they are small in size and you can put them in your luggage when traveling;
  • their vibrational power allows the massage to penetrate a little deeper into the muscle tissue, which is not always the case with manual massage;

Percussion massager with 4 attachments ZENET ZET-704

Great home muscle massager! How does it work? It's very simple: after training or when you feel pain, stiffness, tension, do the following steps:

1. Charge the vibrating massager with a USB cable in a laptop, desktop computer or phone charger adapter.

One charge lasts about 3 hours.

2. After charging, massage the exposed and soft parts of the body /muscles/ - do not massage through clothes, do not massage bones and joints, head. Do not use lotion. The skin must be clean and dry. The massage can last no more than 10 minutes. If you feel severe pain, stop.

3. After the massage, apply healing lotion to the area /if it is a question of pain and discomfort/ and rest.

Main features of the double-headed vibration massager

  • main body with comfortable handle and grip;
  • 4 pairs of tips - ball head, flat head, U-shaped head and "bullet";
  • USB - cable /without adapter/;
  • power - 30W;
  • charging - 5V;
  • degrees for different massage intensity;

4 tips for 4 types of massage

The U-shaped tip, or simply the one that looks like a pitchfork/fork, is used to massage narrow and elongated muscles, such as the spinal muscles. With it you can gently and delicately massage the neck and Achilles.

The oblong tips /bullets/ are used for a deeper massage - when you want to literally "reach" into the muscle and release it in case of tightness or tension.

Flat heads are suitable for massaging risk areas, near joints - knees, back, forearms.

And the last but most universal ball attachments - for massaging the back, shoulders, arms, thighs, buttocks, quadriceps, hamstrings or calves.

German quality with a 2-year warranty from ZENET

When you buy a massager from ZENET, you get several BONUSES:

  • you shop directly from the manufacturer - we do not burden the products with excessive fees and a high margin;
  • we guarantee high German quality and technology imposed on the European market for nearly 12 years;
  • we give a 24-month warranty - if the device is damaged within this period, we provide repair or replacement with a new product;

Cases in which you should not use the impact massager ZENET ZET 704:

  • in edema and inflammation
  • skin rashes
  • varicose veins
  • during pregnancy
  • do not massage the lower abdomen, genitals
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