Massage cape Zenet Zet-832 roller with compression

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Massage chair pad Zenet Zet-832

is a unique massager, which, in addition to rollers and vibration, uses air-compression massage, which helps stretch the spine. The main advantage of compression massage compared to roller massage is a delicate study of the muscles - the effect is no different from a high-quality manual massage performed by a professional.

Also, this massager has traditional rollers, a vibration mechanism and the function of infrared heating of the back. Thanks to this device, you will forget about chronic fatigue, headaches and tension in the back and neck in just a couple of minutes.

Thanks to the unique combination of several types of massage techniques in this model of massage roller pad, you can easily cope with various ailments. Buy massage chair pad Zenet Zet-832 to enjoy a great massage every day at home or at work. With this massager, you will quickly notice how much brighter your everyday life will become, how much more energy will appear in the body.

Characteristics of a massager Zenet ZET-832:

  • four types of massage - roller, compression, shiatsu, vibration massage;
  • adjustment of the direction of rotation of the rollers;
  • massage functions can be combined;
  • infrared heating function;
  • remote control with LED indication;
  • automatic timer for 15 minutes;
  • vibration massage of the thighs;
  • Back dimensions 42*68*6
  • Seat dimensions 42*35*4

Application of the massager:

In car

Long driving, hourly traffic jams are more exhausting than the hardest physical work. With the help of our massager, you will make your ride in the car pleasant and comfortable. With regular use of the massager, you can avoid occupational diseases of motorists: cervical osteochondrosis, prostatitis, frequent headaches.

In the office

An 8-hour day at the computer will be much more enjoyable if you can treat yourself to a pleasant and light massage from time to time. Already after 15 minutes of such a massage, the state of drowsiness disappears, vivacity and lightness appear in the whole body. Thanks to the improvement of blood circulation, the nutrition of the brain is normalized, and evening headaches go away.

At home

At home, all family members can use this massager. Sitting in front of the TV, at your desk, you can enjoy a pleasant and healing massage.

Warranty: 2 years

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