Cordless body massager with 5 attachments and heating ZET-716

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Universal electric body massager

Powerful, comfortable and functional hand-held massager with rechargeable built-in battery and vibration strength regulator.

It runs for more than two hours on a single charge and fits easily in a backpack or gym bag.

Ideal for:

  • relief of pain, spasms and muscle tension;
  • improvement of blood circulation and metabolism;
  • relaxation;
  • acceleration of muscle recovery;

The self-massage device with 5 nozzles creates massage vibrations that penetrate deep into the muscle tissue, which is why it quickly and effectively relieves fatigue and stress.

5 tips for 5 different types of massage

✔ Needle or acupuncture - soft hairs for a gentle, superficial massage of the whole body. After this massage you will feel warm because the blood is moving. The bristles caress the skin and thus improve its elasticity.

✔ Sphere - for a delicate massage of hands, back, shoulders. Makes a relaxing and relaxing body massage.

✔ Shiatsu nozzle - gives a tapping point massage, stimulating and energizing.

✔ Multi-massage tip with 4 mini heads - suitable for stimulating larger massage areas such as legs, lower back, buttocks.

✔ Curved point head - simulates point therapy for shoulders, arms, thighs.


How to use the body massager?

1. Before the therapy, charge the battery of the massager - just plug the device into the adapter and it into the mains. When fully charged, the light on the adapter will turn green. This means that the massager is ready for use. Release it from the cable.

2. Choose a tip according to the need at the moment. Insert it and press the power button. Gently massage the soft tissues, choosing the intensity of the massage according to your taste. The device has a comfortable handle and you can easily do self-massage.

3. After the massage, drink a glass of water and rest.

Features of the massager:

  • Dimensions: 34/17/14 cm
  • Power 16W
  • Accumulator battery 2400mAh
  • Voltage 8.4V
  • Noise: 50/60Hz
  • 5 nozzles/attachments
  • 3 power/intensity modes
  • 2 years warranty
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