Aromo air humidifier Zenet ZET-412 5l

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Air humidifier Zenet ZET-412 for 5 l is a climatic device, used primarily to increase the humidity in rooms and maintain an optimal level of humidity, comfortable for the respiratory system.

Humidifier needed:

 ▶ for the youth of our body, which is >90% water

 ▶ when the air conditioner or heater in the room is running

 ▶ you have indoor plants

 ▶ for preventive purposes (maintaining optimal humidity)

We recommend buying a Zenet ZET-412 humidifier for 5 liters from the manufacturer at an affordable price. By purchasing a humidifier from us, you are guaranteed to receive high-quality service, a high-quality device.


✔ stylish design

✔ smart control panel

✔ with container for fragrances

✔ usability

✔ easy to transport

✔ easy care of the device

✔ safe


- voltage 220V

- frequency 50Hz

- power 25W

- designed for 5 liters

- water use from 6°C to 40°C

- country of origin Germany/China

- traditional working principle

- 24 months warranty

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