Aromo air humidifier Zenet ZET-409 4.5l

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Aromo humidifier Zenet ZET-409 for 4.5 l

is a climatic device used primarily to increase indoor air humidity and maintain an optimal level of humidity, comfortable for the respiratory system.

Why do you need a humidifier?

Insufficient humidity in the room can cause many diseases. The human bronchi are distinguished by their ability to self-cleanse. But dry air reduces this ability. As a result, susceptibility to infection and various respiratory diseases increases.

This is relevant in winter, when the humidity in the room below normal. But not only people suffer from insufficient moisture. Some moisture-loving plants have to be sprayed daily, covered with wet towel and placed bowl with water near them. It is all a big fuss and not always effective. Humidifiers were created to solve these and many other problems.

Humidifier needed:

 ▶ for the youth of our body, which is >90% water,

 ▶ when the indoor air conditioner is running,

 ▶ in the summer, when the air is dry,

 ▶ the heater is on in the room,

 ▶ you have indoor plants,

 ▶ for preventive purposes (maintaining optimal humidity).

We recommend buying a 4.5-liter Zenet ZET-409 humidifier for children from the manufacturer at an affordable price. By purchasing a humidifier from us, you are guaranteed to receive high-quality service, a high-quality device, warranty and post-warranty support!


- stylish design

- with container for fragrances

- ease of use

- convenient for transportation

- easy maintenance of the device

- safe


✔ 4.5 l water tank

✔ mode control panel

✔ steam adjustment button

✔ spray port / steam outlet

✔ device base

✔ fuse

✔ water level indicator

✔ container for fragrance

✔ engine base

✔ power cord

✔ on/off button


   ● "steam" - select the desired intensity,

   ● "constant humidity" - automatic humidification mode in accordance with the current humidity,

   ● "sleep mode" - activates sleep mode.


- voltage 220V,

- frequency 50Hz,

- power 25W,

- designed for 4.5 liters,

- water use* from 6°C to 40°C,

- country of origin Germany/China,

- traditional working principle

We recommend using purified water (with a filter or boiled).

Warranty: 2 years

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